Specific Inactivated Yeasts

1. Optimum-Red®

Rich in polysaccharides due to the combination of a unique wine yeast made with a specific treatment (MEX).

2. Opti-Red®

For fuller bodied, more color stable and smooth palate wines. Allows the winemaker to shape harsh polyphenols into smoother more approachable tannins.

3. Optimum-White

OptiMUM-White®, a new, specific and natural yeast derivative rich in antioxidant properties and polysaccharides

4. Opti-White

A specific inactivated yeast with high antioxidant properties.

5. Reduless

Developed for red and white wine treatment, REDULESS® reduces H2S, DMS, DES and other sulfur-related objects in wine and increases mouthfeel while lowering phenol-related off aromas.

6. Noblesse

For Red and White wines. Used to help smooth and stabilize the wines colloidal balance, resulting in a more intense structure, initial volume and smooth round finish, added post fermentation.

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