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Alinda supplies the drinking sector with a wide range of top-quality natural ingredients, especially designed and well-suited for the industry. Our focus is on giving end products valuable characteristics like exquisite, distinct taste and great texture. Our product solutions can help the beverage manufacturer reduce energy, time and costs, while increasing productivity.


With 20 years presence in the world of natural winemaking solutions, continuously monitoring modern developments around oenology, we can offer guaranteed, selected and original ingredients that cover any oenological need:

Selected oenological yeasts are an important tool for every winemaker, enabling producers to achieve the expected qualitative results.

Wine Nutrients and Protectors ensure a smooth and active alcoholic fermentation. Wine yeasts have nutritional requirements as soon as they start to work. These nutrients and protectors ensure that your wine has all the necessary elements to be fermented to completion, while maintaining yeast vitality and optimum viability during alcoholic fermentation.

Wine enzymes are used to accelerate natural reactions that would otherwise occur slowly in wines.

We advise winemakers on the suitable selection of the best wine bacteria, depending on the desired effects such as particular sensory definition, softness and broadness of wine flavours

A testament to our quality design of wine products is our close collaboration with industry leading producers and distributors of oenological raw materials and substances.


Beer is one of the most celebrated brewing products around the globe. There are so many different iterations of the beloved beverage that it is rather difficult to select the appropriate brew for your business needs.
Our broad range of beer yeasts and yeast nutrients is designed for everyone – the industrialist, the small business owner, and even the home brewer. Depending on the type of beer you want to create, we can provide you with the raw materials required along with technical expertise from the biggest producers in the market. Our Brewing products include:


Modern consumers want drinks that fit their age and lifestyle, contribute to their good health and satisfy them even when they are low calorie drinks. At Alinda we supply the beverage industry with a range of quality natural ingredients, uniquely designed and well-suited for every need, focusing on functionalities such as exquisite taste and right texture.
Whether you want to enhance your current products or develop custom on-trend ones, we share an in-depth knowledge of delivering taste and nutrition into every beverage solution.

A range of ingredients specially designed for either distilleries or juice producers.

Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C is used both for its nutritional value but also for its many functional contributions to product quality.

Citric Acid

It is a natural preservative/conservative and is also used to add an acidic, or sour, taste to food and soft drinks.

Pectins are nature derived products with acknowledged nutritional benefits. They can add viscosity to soft drinks and create a fruit-juice mouthfeel to juice drinks and low -calorie, diet drinks or flavored waters.

It is used as an alkalizer and as a cleaning agent.

Seaweed extracts that can help with mouthfeel manipulation and can provide protein stabilization, depended on the product application.

It is widely used as a flavor agent. In anise-flavored liqueurs and spirits, such as ouzo, raki, etc., it is used to create the “ouzo-effect” when water is added.

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