Dairy ingredients and recipes are Alinda’s flagship. A major part of our aspirations is to share the nutritional importance and the beneficiary aspects of milk with different cultures from all around the globe, focusing especially on parts of the world that are missing out. We stand by cultures that consider milk variations as exotic or even luxury products, due to economic or climatic conditions, contributing to their dairy production and distribution.

This endeavor pertains the supply of functional ingredients and solutions for industrial users, in order to optimize the production process and the organoleptic properties of the final Dairy product. We are following the always growing market as well as the rapidly changing trends in nutrition consumer goods. A dietary field where milk product variations and derivatives play a vital part in.

dairy ingredients

Under our brand PROMIL, our milk-based proteins and functional ingredients deliver firm or creamy texture with a smooth mouthfeel and optimum control of liquid extraction in clean label formulations.

Yoghurt proteins

Alinda has been a pioneer in Greek yoghurt technology since the ‘80s. The solutions developed for this application can be used to produce Greek style yoghurt with high protein content at various fat levels and superior texture and taste. We can provide milk proteins and stabilizers for:

  • Set, stirred, drinking yoghurts of various fat content
  • High protein (10% +) dairy products (Skyr, milk drinks, drinking yoghurt)

Cheese and Cheese Spreads proteins

Our PROTAL / PROMIL proteins can be mixed into cheese milk and deliver increased yield in traditional cheese making process, in cast white cheese (feta type) formulations and improve the texture in light cheeses. They can be used in the following applications:

  • Fresh cheeses (white cheese, quark, ricotta, petite Suisse, cottage)
  • Hard and semi-hard cheeses (Cheddar, Edam, Emmental, pasta filata)
  • Cream Cheeses (spreadable & heat stable versions like Labneh, Philadelphia

Milk Proteins for Processed Cheese & Cheese Analogues

Our PROTAL / PROMIL proteins provide excellent emulsification and water binding. Our proteins are easy to handle in batch cooker processes offering cost optimization among other benefits. Some of the typical applications are:

  • Spreadable cheese
  • Pizza cheese
  • Cheese in blocks
  • Cheese analogues
  • Jar cheese and dips

Fat Filled Milk Powder

A wide variety of products based on high-quality vegetable fat on a carrier of skimmed milk, dairy constituents, and sugars with good wettabilty and solubility (instant-type). . Indicative applications for milk powder are liquid milk, yogurt, curd, cheese, desserts, chocolate, fudges, creams, cream fillings, biscuits, cookies and other similar products.

Skimmed Milk Powder

A free flowing, clean powder made from spray-drying fresh pasteurized skimmed cow’s milk.

Whole Milk Powder

It is produced by spray-drying fresh homogenized and pasteurised whole cow’s milk.


Solutions ensuring pleasant melting and containing colouring and flavouring elements, suitable for all varieties such as ice milk and ice cream to sorbets, sherbets and water ices.

Whitener & Whipping Cream

  • Whitener powders. They substitute milk or cream as an additive to coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other beverages
  • Powders for whipping cream. They can be used for a whipped topping for cakes, pies and other desserts as well as soups, sauces and beverages

Stabilizers for Yoghurt, Cheese & Desserts

They can result to the satisfaction of various cost and texture requirements in dairy products.

Stabilizers for Ice-cream

Customized functional systems that can be used in a variety of recipes for quality products that melt pleasantly in the mouth at a very good value for money. We put emphasis on fat reduction and clean label as these parameters are becoming nowadays more and more important.

Our ingredient combinations are suitable for various uses such as:

  • ice milk
  • ice cream
  • sorbets
  • sherbets and
  • water ices

Especially for soft ice cream, we offer the right solutions for colouring and flavouring elements ensuring ideal melting characteristics.

dairy enzymes & cultures

Alinda offers a variety of dairy cultures to achieve the taste and texture requirements of each product.

Cultures for Cheese

Our range of cultures covers every functional need of the dairy sector. We provide solutions that vary from the complex production demands of soft cheese to the contribution in the characteristic acid flavour of the feta cheese. We also provide culture solutions for hard – and semi-hard cheeses that guarantee the formation of distinctive texture and flavour while ensuring adaptation to specific cooking conditions, such as high temperatures.

Cultures for Yoghurt

We have a long-standing history in supplying yoghurt cultures for any application supported by extensive scientific and technical expertise, in depth knowledge in protein chemistry and protein processing.

We are the supplier of a wide range of coagulants, including a rich portfolio of rennets divided
into three types, according to their origin:

  • Animal
  • Microbial
  • Chymosine


We supply reliable and high-sensitivity solutions for the most accurate testing of antibiotic residues in milk. At our well-equipped dairy technical facilities, we are able to conduct a large number of development tests that cover the needs of the key parts of the dairy value chain: farmers, dairies and milk control laboratories. Our protocols ensure that these tests are always conducted under realistic conditions.
Besides the traditional test kits, we offer a new range of fast tests that detect beta lactam, the most common antibiotic found in milk, in just five minutes.