our DNA


We envision a world where anyone can experience the perfect balance of nurture, comfort & happiness in their everyday lives. Where every company has the confidence to create every food product imaginable with the utmost safety and the ultimate quality standards.


To enable our global partners to create top-quality, innovative products, with perfectly customized solutions for their needs through constant, quality-driven innovation and market leadership.

You Imagine
We Create
Consumers Enjoy



For Alinda, innovation is not only a motivating factor - it is a necessity. It is literally our job to constantly reinvent our recipes, our methods - and ourselves - in order to produce the most invaluable currency of our times - novelty.

adaptability & flexibility

Adaptability is one half of our business core value. Being able to adapt our R&D to cater to every product specification imaginable is our business model’s cornerstone. Our flexibility is not limited only to product development. We also strive to achieve the perfect, cost-efficient solutions for our customers.


The other half of our business core value is science. Alinda is comprised of a diverse group of talented professionals & experts from different scientific fields and business backgrounds. During the production process, our team abides by specific methods and guidelines, which ensure safety and high-quality standards.


We are not simply a recipe developing company. Our 33 years of experience can provide your company with a wide variety of product solutions and/or business suggestions, probably beyond your initial request, based on a diligent and meticulous study of your business needs.


Our longtime business partnerships are a testament to our trustworthiness. This fact coupled with our wide variety of logistics, networking and distribution services, make us the perfect business associate both as a client and a supplier.

human-centric approach

We aspire to provide our clients with safe, top-quality and innovative products, but also to create, long-lasting, meaningful relationships with our partners and associates. Last but not least, our employees, the lifeblood of our company, can take pleasure in what they do best, in an ideal environment that shelters, motivates and evolves them.

versatility & efficiency

Our business conduct relies on a simple principal: "one-stop shopping". A single point of contact functions as an anchor for our customers. We have the experience and the standard operating procedures, to provide a full, complex range of services, materials and after-sales service using the optimal amount of communication.