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WE Soda

WE Soda is the UK incorporated holding company for the global Soda Ash operations of Ciner, a large industrial conglomerate established over 40 years ago, based in Turkey and owned by Mr Turgay Ciner. ciner logo

From starting our first production in 2009, WE Soda has become one of the global leaders in Soda Ash over the last decade.

Today, WE Soda produces almost 5 million tons of natural Soda Ash and Sodium Bicarbonate every year, and operates the two lowest cost production facilities in the world, located in Turkey.

Our product range consists of: 


Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) with main applications in

  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Metallurgical processes (mining and smelting)
  • Dry Powder Detergents (e.g. laundry, auto, dish, etc.)
  • Building & construction
  • Pulp Processing
  • pH Control

Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Food Grade for the Food Manufacturing (e.g. yeast, baking soda, etc.)
  • Feed Grade for the Animal Feed
  • Technical Grade for the Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing (e.g. phosphates, chromium, etc.)

More recently, Sodium Bicarbonate is increasingly being used in new environmental applications, including the desulphurization or “scrubbing” of flue gas emissions, particularly in the shipping industry


YTRON is a medium-sized company specializing in supplying rotor-stator systems such as high-efficiency agitators, industrial jet mixers and industrial in-line mixing machines.

A continuous and competent development program in the range of products has resulted in YTRON equipment being used in key production applications. These include the leading international companies in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The main applications are:

  • Yoghurt Stretching (smoothness)
  • Suspension and dissolution of powder products
  • Homogenization of liquids
  • Emulsification
  • Dispersing
  • Gassing
  • Wet milling
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when mixing meets technology

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The German company has more than 40 years of experience and
has become a recognized brand in the industry, providing quality and reliability to its products.

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