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With a high expertise in all technical and financial aspects of our customers, the dedicated Alinda team
is open to new, global challenges and ready to serve your needs in the retail market.
Alinda Velco S.A. specializes in manufacturing and trading with skim milk powder, full cream milk powder, fat-filled milk powder as well as various ingredients for the dairy, baking and confectionary industry sector.

technical knowledge

Skilled Food application Technologists at our lab facilities and R&D center are here to develop functional and custom-designed solutions to meet our customer’s demands and requirements. Our aim is to support them in order to get their ideas/products faster out in the market, making the best out of new opportunities.

market insights

Our team with an experience of more than 33 years has laid the foundations for a solid and in-depth know-how of consumer market. Our efforts aim to meet the latest trends, developing new products always at competitive prices.

long-lasting partnerships

Our core value from the very beginning has been to seek out valuable and consistent partners in order to build sustainable relationships, with a mutual understanding and benefits.

product portfolio

skim milk powder

Skim Milk Powder (SMP)

Just Milk!

Skimmed milk powder is used as an alternative to fresh milk after dissolution in water or by direct addition of powder in the formulation.

  • Available product types:
    • Regular
    • Instantized
    • Fortified

Regular supply and quality

SMP is obtained by the process of dehydration of pasteurized skimmed milk with the use of the spay-dried process.

Alinda can provide variable protein content SMP ranging from 15% – 34%

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skim milk powder

Full Cream Milk Powder (FCMP)

Full Cream milk powder is natural fresh milk in powder form. It can be recombined to liquid milk and used directly. It can also be used unaltered, by direct addition of the powder in the formulation.

The product is available in regular and instant versions with fat content between 26% – 30% and protein content between 6% – 26%.

Also available in an enriched form, with added vitamins and minerals.

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skim milk powder

Fat Filled Milk Powder (FFMP)

Best Milky alternative
to Full Cream Milk Powder

Fat Filled Milk Powder (FFMP) Instant is an affordable ingredient that contains dairy goodness and delivering excellent performance in a wide range of applications, as an alternative source of dairy nutrition.

Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder is used to prepare liquid milk for drinking, cheese, yoghurt and ice-cream.In fat filled milk powders, proteins come from non-fat milk solids, whereas fat is of vegetable origin.

  • Available formulations:
    • Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder 28/4
    • Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder 28/8
    • Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder 28/20
    • Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder 28/24
  • Advantages:
    • Creamy taste and milky flavor
    • Economical alternative to traditional full cream milk powder
    • Not greasy in touch
    • Good source of energy, minerals and protein
    • Very good solubility in warm and cold water
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skim milk powder

Coffee / Tea Creamer / Whitener

Enjoy the Full Cream taste

Coffee Creamer powder is a cost-effective way to replace cream milk for use in coffee, tea or beverages.

Its main advantages are the easy to use in every occasion and the long shelf life without cold storage requirements.

  • Applications:
    • Recombined liquid milk for coffee, tea or beverages.
  • Advantages:
    • Economical alternative to traditional full cream milk powder
    • Not greasy in touch
    • Good source of energy
    • Very good solubility in warm and cold liquids
  • Packaging options
    • Our facilities incorporate state of the art technology that brings efficiency and flexibility in delivering the suitable product to each market.
  • Available in various packages (200 gr – 25 Kg)
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