Wine Nutrients & Protectors

Fermentation expertise for your winemaking conditions and wine style

A smooth and active alcoholic fermentation is essential with winemaking. Our wine nutrients and protectors will ensure that your wine yeast has all the necessary nutrients and minerals needed to ferment your wine to completion, while shielding it from a nasty bacterium or a wayward fermentation.

The biggest challenge for wine yeasts during alcoholic fermentation is surviving in a hostile environment – high osmotic pressure, acidic pH, alcohol produced as fermentation progresses, etc. – until there is no sugar left.

Wine yeasts have nutritional requirements as soon as they start to work. These nutrients maintain yeast vitality and optimum viability during alcoholic fermentation from start to finish, at the same time as ensuring the wine’s sensory quality.



Rich in organic nitrogen, helps winemakers achieve steady fermentations while limiting temperature peaks, does not contain added ammonia salts (DAP) or micronutrients.


Complex yeast nutrient that supplies yeast cell walls, vitamins, nitrogen compounds and fatty acids for the smooth development of primary and stuck fermentations.


Specific yeast nutrient to avoid sluggish or stuck fermentations. If added when rehydrating yeast, it supplies critical micronutrients enhancing their activity.


Optimizes micronutrient bioavailability of GO-FERM with the added benefit of survival factor protection through the NATSTEP™ process, strengthens yeast membrane during rehydration making it more resistant to fermentation stress.

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